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Seattle Pet Hotels

Find a home away from home for your pet while you are out and rex... er... rest assured.

A Hotel for Rex

A Hotel for Rex

Rex Assured is a Seattle pet hotel directory. We are dedicated to helping you easily find the perfect home for your pet while you are away. Simply search our directory, find a place, and contact them to get your pet to the place they need today!

Our Featured Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding in Seattle for the Month!

Every month we pick one of the many Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding facilities from the Seattle area to showcase in recognition of their quality care they take of your beloved pets!

Our Top Pet Hotels in Metropolitan Seattle

While there are a lot of pet hotels in the Metropolitan Seattle, here are our top picks!

Our goal is to make Rex Assured the best source for easily finding a pet hotel in Seattle. We look forward to helping you.

Todd Huotari / Founder

Todd Huotari